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Gadis Melayu Bogel & Telanjang di Indonesia & Malaysia

I don't really want to help guys who are completely clueless. I wish to impart knowledge to those who are ALREADY artists. The exchange of subtleties is what I'm looking for.

One guy standing with 3 girls who know him.
They may not be HOT girls, but they like him and laugh with him. Then there's another guy who is surrounded by 3 guys. See the difference in impression? Clothes make the man, but ladies make ... the ladies-man.

There's an interesting intro.

"What you you think about when your working out?"

"I have an intuition about you." Its intriguing for the

SHE: "What do you do?"

HE: "I seduce beautiful women. I'm what they call a 'Ladies Man'."

SHE: "Well it ain't workin' on me."

HE: "Well you maam are no lady."

"I prefer a cold Pepsi over a warm one." ..."I once put a Pepsi in the microwave thinking that I would drink a bubbly hot drink, well, all the bubbles dissipated from the drink and it tasted like sugary muddy water. Don't do it! You'll start growing hair in places you would prefer remained hairless ... like your tongue."


Welcome to my world.

I don't think seeing a beautiful woman with beautiful pale
skin and red arms as sexy. For a lobster maybe.

Do the approaching and initiate a conversation, but be funny and cool and a tad cocky even. Appear to not care whether you ever see her or not again. That is why openers (or Intros) must be non sexual.

"I'm going to bags some honeys." Consider, "We're
off to be the wizards" or "lets slay the dragon" or "I off to find LOVE." By consistently using the words we would use in FRONT of women while behind the scenes (like in this NG) we prepare ourselves to be better equipped to present the proper classy attitude.

Seduction Potion and your gum and your lighter and off you go into the field. Its not a battle, its a game. Paintball is fun to play and while you get a couple bruises, you never die. See, in paintball, when I shoot someone, I don't yell out "DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE!!!!!!!!!" Its a game and
not real war. Its fun. So when you find yourself getting all GUNG-YO about the game (all stressed out) fall back and realize it only a 4 our game session and you wont die. Just don't kill others at the

Consider this for next time >>
Always carry a pen and a pad of paper. Tell them that you write down every
creative idea you come up with and you have hundreds of these pages at home.
Then ask her if she is creative. Give her the pad of paper and the pen and
say, "Impress me. Be creative." When she says, "I don't know ..." tell
them, "He's a hint ... start with the first 3 #s." When she writes her # on
the pad, look at it and with an impressed attitude say, "Very creative! I
like the way you think. We could market this idea and make millions." Then
give her yours and add a "call me before you go to bed" on the paper beside
your #. Say, "What do you think? Creative?" She will say, "Oh YES, very!!

A: I'm an illusionist. I guess that means I'm not really here.

Like all insecurities, if it doesn't bother you then there is no real
problem. If a fat guy meets a girl and openly attempts to hide his fat by
slouching or wearing pure black (merely a psychological trick) or makes
excuses like "I'm on a diet" then he looks insecure. On the other hand, if
he is fat but dresses very nicely and never mentions it and acts as IF he
were a stud and a 10, then he will have MUCH better probabilities with
women. Notice fat guys with gorgeous girls. Other lowly fat guys think,
what does HE have that I DON'T have. The answer: self-security.

to CARE about what YOU think. Some say, "Boy are you TALL!" I always

subject: MORE Intros

INTRO Scripts:

"Whats your name? Oh, may I call you sally? you can call me mr. poo-pee
pants." - great is the girl is a 10!

"if i follow you home, will you keep me?"

"so how do you like me so far?"

"the voices in my head told me to come talk to you."

"would you like to kiss me or should i apologize?"

"hello suzy, your mommy couldnt make it this afternoon. she asked me to
pick you up and take you home. my thats a pretty dress. Would you like
some candy?"

"Ive never driven a cadillac ... whats your name?" - too sexual for an

"you have an interesting figure." - good if the babe is a 10!

"shh! people can see us!"

"you drank too much last night didnt you?"

waiting for the subway - "don't fall onto the tracks - youll make me late
for work"

>Here is my favorite all time any situation line..."What are you looking
for?" The first response is almost always "huh?" or "nothing." To
which I reply, "Everybody is looking for something,'ve
found it. My name's ______, what's yours?"

INTRO script
main body script #1
main body script #2
main body script #3

This format is for EVERY girl you wish to meet.

the wonderful part
of the art. I come off as a fun humourous intelligent man who has many
friends and enjoys life and social circles.

The girl said she
was a therapist and I said, "Why is that important to you?" She gave me so
many emotions she feels from it

3. If I call you and you cant talk, dint say, "can you call me back?" I
wont. Instead, say, "I'll call you back." And then actually CALL me back.

4. if I call you, when you find out I'm ME, instead of saying, "Hey, what's
up?" I would prefer you saying, "Oh HI sweetie? How nice of you to call!"

"you realise if you don't ask for my # I will say, "pleasure meeting
you" and just get out of the car."

. Something like, "Isnt he cute? What
would you name him if he was yours? He looks like a George ... or maybe a
herman. What would you name ME if you brought me home. If I followed you
home, would you keep me?" Something along those lines. Tell her youve been
working on your puppy dog eyes and ask her to critique them.

? Put it in there (the small one) and this will make you
think about sex as fun, which it should be and not scary. Its just a girl,
hopefully an older one, and be carrying it, ONE: you are prepared and TWO:
it motivated you to use it.

Yep, solution? Ask girls how THEY solve this problem. Walk up to them and
say. "I'm single. I'm not hitting on any of you. I'm thinking more long term
here. I cant find places where there are girls. Where are they? This
place seems dead." Be sincere and honest. They will tell you.

RULE#1: when you know its me calling, I don't want to hear, "hey, wazz up?"
I would prefer to here, "Oh HI. How are you? Its GREAT to hear from you!
So sweet of you to CALL! I was just thinking about you." :)

her what she wants from life...what her dreams are. Go for the
fundamentals... ask her what she wants to do with her life. (If she says

> Anyway, I read somewhere a good advice: give a compliment, then ask a
> question. Like, (really stoopid one), "you have incredibly beautiful eyes,
> did you get them from your mother or your father?", that way, she does not
> have to analyze your compliment, and she's not stuck into answering,
> thanks ...".
believe on the contrary that you should NEVER give direct anatomy
compliments. NEVER. She gets em all the time. Consider more original
compliments like, "you are the leader of your friends I notice. Why is

but if you could easily do it, then every other
guy could too and that wouldnt be a good thing for you any more. All the
other guys would have gotten to the girls first. Remember, they always go
up and act like typical GUYS. How many walk up and smile and be fun and
then just leave without hitting? Again, this is your MISSION and I expect
this to occur THIS week. Post your results in detail here.

Thank you :) Which reminds me. If a girl happens to compliment you, you
can reply, "You're not so bad yourself." :) It almost has a NEG HIT tone
and comes off so well. Remember to smile.

Ask women where THEY think is the best place to meet
women. Ask and ye shall gets answers.

Again, ask the women! If you were to walk up to strangers and say, "Hi.
I'm single. I don't want to stay this way. Do you know where a strapping
man such as myself could FIND women my age with which to meet?" If you say
this to a pretty woman, this will be a great NEG HIT for HER and maybe get
her interested in you. Otherwise, she may tell you. Ask her why she goes
there and then offer to go there WITH her so you could meet people together.

Rule 1, you have to tell the truth. The whole truth
and nothing but the truth. Like truth or dare but without the dare because
I don't know how weird you really are (a minor NEG HIT). Rule 2, you can't
ask the same question asked. Rule 3, you have to ask questions that let
skeletons out of the closet. Rule 4 you ask a question then me then you and
back and forth. Oh and Rule #5, you go first."

She will say, "thats not fair." So you then ask, "How many boyfriends have
you had?" From here on the entire question game will escalate sexually
until she is asking you how many times you masturbate. Its a fun routine.
Try it.

When we interrogated the girls, they said that the 3 things they looked for
most in a man was a great smile, a sense of humour and a connection.

"If you had to
sleep with someone in this room, who would you most enjoy it with?"

Gentlemen, we have stumbled upon information that WORKS!


Fuck money. The real game isnt
played with money. Why? Because the girl doesnt know you HAVE a great car.
And by telling her this you look like a fool talking about it. This is HOT

Jimmy, smile buddy. It'll be over soon.


Most girls think that nervous guys are lame. Lost
guys therefore ARE lame. So, you can hide this fact like one would hide a
headcold from someone by not complaining and tipping others off. This is
why we are here.

To approach a girl, you need an INTRO script (not an opening line). Many
start with "Hi." Consider the MUSIC script: "Hi. I like pearl jam, im not
ashamed. :)" She says, "oh, ok. *looks weird at you.*" You say, "I like
the tragically hip." She says, "yeah", showing she likes them too. You are
smiling all the while. Because she likes the band you like, you take an
obvious step towards her. "I like stone temple pilots." If she says
"ewww", take an obvious step back. See, you can NEG HIT her, show
playfulness with this game, make her confused about whether you are hitting
on her (which you arent visibly) and learn about her music taste (a good
indicator of many things) all beginning with a "Hi." Continue playing this
game for several more bands. She may even begin playing the game with you.
Oh and if you don't already know a girl and have made her laugh and already

by going in and introducing yourself to the
guys. You can walk up and say, "Looks like the party is over here. May we
join?" The girls will say yes and seeing as the guys there don't KNOW the
girls, they have no right to say no or they will piss the girls off. So you
start getting to know the guys first. Then the other girls and you
purposely ignore the girl you want. remember, you don't HIT on the other
girls though. You are just having a cool time enjoying conversation.
Within 5 minutes you should have your pleasant personality conveyed already.
You will no doubt come off more brilliant than the other two guys because
you showed control even though there WERE men in the group. You can then
SWIPE her right from under their noses. Most men never know when I'm coming.
I make them like and respect me first, then I take the girl and they will
think that they just have a lower self-esteem and that is why the girl liked
me more anyway.

In which I don't, but I reply to her "if it's not in my best interest,
no I don't have one", she starts to laugh a little, and then asks if she
please use my pen.

Don't sit. The 3 second rule states, if you like a girl, you have 3 seconds
to approach her and say hi or you risk the high chance of staling it out
with gawking at her too long and shit like that.

Don't ask strangers to dance. They can say NO. Its easier to say NO. They
will say NO MORE than YES. Once they say NO. You have nothing better to
say than, "pleasure meeting you" and walk off. Forget it. Doesnt work. Be
efficient. Most lamos will ask a girl to dance. Be different.

You also asked questions that could be answered with a
yes or a no. And NO is easier to say ... less work on their part. You gave
no reason to make her want to dance with you. You werent HUMOROUS,
CONFIDENT (no neg hits) nor did you attempt to CONNECT with them as a
friendly person. You were trying to dance and that means you are obviously
trying to initiate a courting ritual. I would honestly call that a bomb.
you bombed big guy, and for that, I'm actually proud. Thats basically the
worst it can ever get so if you can handle that, you can handle anything.
Having the guts to try that shows me you are willing to get good at this.
Again, don't set up courting rituals. Don't take a girl to the movies or to
dinner when you just meet them. Don't buy a girl a drink or ask them to
dance. EVERY lamo does that. But again, you had the guts to first go
through the pain, and then the honesty to tell us so I applaud the effort.
See, the girl was in CONTROL of the situation. You had to NEG HIT them and
then take CONTROL. Seize the conversation. EG: Instead of fighting the
young age thing, you could have added fuel to their fire until it seemed
absurd. "Yep, I'm just a kid. I escaped from my crib, stole my big brothers
ID and ... oh oh, do any of you ladies know how to change a diaper? *worried
look*" CONTROL, confidence, humour, disarming ... passing the test they
give with attitude and a smile.

absurd. "Yep, I'm just a kid. I escaped from my crib, stole my big brothers
ID and ... oh oh, do any of you ladies know how to change a diaper? *worried
look*" CONTROL, confidence, humour, disarming ... passing the test they
give with attitude and a smile.

>I told him I was gonna stay another hour or so, and for
them to have a nice time :). After they leave, I spot 2 women coming into

Good. Don't leave just because a friend leaves. You have to live your life.

Hi there, you look like you want to go on the dance floor" I say. She
(somewhat) shakes her head, and says no.

How many times must you try this very overused and bad entry tactic? No YES
NO questions. No dancing.

ALWAYS carry a pad and pen with you. ALWAYS

consider learning sleight of hand with a pen. This will come in handy
OFTEN. Take the pen and before you give it you say, "check this out" and
make it vanish. That's a coy and playful surprise.

I felt bad about it because I have spent a lot of time reading how to do
this, but I think I learn best by observation.

Your logic is self-sabotaging you. Learning by watching is not acceptable.
You know that man. You have to get out there. You cant learn how to drive
a car by watching someone do it. You have to get behind the wheel. Others
can tell you the basics, but you need to really DRIVE to learn. Do you have
your license? Its exactly the same learning curve buddy. 100% the same

human evolution have
naturally selected behaviors which motivate a man to cheat and lie because
cheaters and liars have the advantage of bedding more women and therefore
replicating more of their selfish lying and cheating genes.) Like it or

FUCK HONESTY. I say this from an
evolutionary stand-point. Consider reading The Selfish Gene by biologist
Richard Dawkins or watch The Sexes documentary series on The Learning

You have realistically defined me. The concept of the

You will WIN by 'acting'
like an asshole and therefore not allowing them to shit on you. NICE GUYS
finish last because they ALLOW the woman to shit on them.

>Considering all the ugly, disease-spreading, parasitic jerks out there who
somehow seem to be able to get beautiful women into bed despite treating
them badly, I'm sure there are a lot of beautiful women out there who would
be much happier sleeping with me

The Art of Attraction is an art of the mind. This is not a game of yatzee.
Its a game of chess. The ugly jerks you refer to may get a girl or two
(usually ugly girls) but the smart guys understand that behaving like a
ladies man gets more girls. By systematic investigation we discover what
works and what doesnt, share the info so we don't have to reinvent the wheel
and get results. This has nothing to do with being a dirty jerk. This is
an elitist group. You need a brain. You need to be sober. You need to
take care of your body. You need to learn how to be attentive. This is no
easy game of tic tac toe. I am a perfect gentleman. Consider Gone with the
Wind (Rhett Butler). He was a cool guy, but when the Scarlet acted up, he
didnt take her shit. Self-respect - is that being an asshole? hmmm.

NICE GUYS go home alone when the SMART
GUY gets the girls. NICE GUYS call the SMART GUYS ... ASSHOLES. Funny,
isnt it?!!!

Consider reading The Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan to appreciate the
VALUE (or lack of value) of therapy. Science and skepticism rules. Try The
Skeptics Dictionary on the net.

"If you keep doing what you;ve
always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten." The change
must come from YOU. Change NOW and not eventually or LOSE to those who do.
Enjoy the art of it. Read what ART means sometime.

Yes, it IS an ego boost. However, once you get into this game, you will
soon realize that the CHASE is sometimes MORE rewarding than the CATCH.
Welcome to the GAME of LIFE :)

being "YOURSELF" when you are in the AWARE state is to behave like every
other man out there. You have to behave like you ARENT in the AWARE state -
only a LADIES MAN would feel NORMAL around a great girl.

Even an ugly guy who BEHAVES as if he is a ladies man will be perceived AS a
ladies man. Its a wonderful illusion. And then 3 weeks later, after you
have fucked 5 girls, you will look back and notice you ARE one. Tricking
The AWARE State is where I believe you must focus on. Consider the NEWBIE
MISSION to work on this.

I believe a TRUE artist ALWAYS maintains a sense of class and dignity.
Picking up women means NOT to look like a cheesy pick-up artist. Appear to
be a ladies man! As if you get tonnes of women, but you don't try. See, you
never HIT on the girls. Ahh, you will soon discover the details of the art.

Honest, I'm a casual suit wearing tall slender man and not
a boy or teen or kid. This playful entry must be seen to be appreciated.

To a TRUE pickup artist, there is NO competition. Since I got good at it,
the competition honestly disappeared. I get chosen over the other guys in
the public gathering because I convey personality traits attractive to
women. Other guys MAY be better than me, but they fail to convey this to
the women. That is what the elvis thing does for example.

This script allows you to display playful confidence
without HITTING on he

how people
will think of you as fun. Be FUN. You want to come off as this great guy.
Well, be fun. This script shows her how you think. An interesting twisted
way of thinking. Its fun.

You do NOT need to have a valid purpose.
ESPECIALLY because any reason will look like a pick up reason. The Elvis
thing is a spur of the moment thought thing. Its cool. Its concise. Its

You need to be better at disarming them with
humour. You CANNOT enter with SEX on the BRAIN. NO HITTING. NO PICKING
UP. Have fun, make them laugh and convey confidence, connection, smile and
humour. Then they will want you because every other guys doesnt do this.
They do shit like give beers and other stereotypical mating ritual things.
You don't do that and you are IN baby IN. Honest. You havent had a chance
to work the club PROPERLY. You do NOT have to be a mack. Swear.

"Hi. I'm Harry. :)" Immediately after this, have something to say ...
nothing sexual, nothing hitting. Just yak. "Have you ever been to the
science centre? I just got back from there and I learned something rather
odd. They've got this bubble chamber that allows you to see natural
radiation from our surroundings. Have you seen this? Well, it turns out,
I'm looking at this thing and ..." and there you are into a natural
conversation. Handshaking and name exchanges are required at some point -
known as negotiating.

I disagree mildly. Its more dominant to initiate the handshake or name
exchange first. A ladies-man is a man who is in CONTROL. He is the man
with the plan. He is strong, and well-mannered. He is Rhett Butler. And
Rhett Butler is pleasant and commanding. YOU introduce yourself to her.
Don't wait for her to do the work. HOwever, if a test is what you want to
do, then tell her your name but don't ask hers. If she is well mannered and
polite AND interested in you, she will tell you HER name. If not, just
stand there looking at her waiting for her to say something. If she says,
"what?" Then you can neg hit her with, "you don't get out much do you?"

SOLUTION: smile. When she looks for the very FIRST time, smile BIG and say
"Hi." THAT's the 3 second rule. You will get used to saying hi and smiling
to EVERY beautiful girl everywhere you go. No you already have come off as
playful and pleasant. If you miss this first opportunity to do this, you
risk STALING out the girl. That is what you keep getting yourself into.
You STALE the entry so you feel awkward to approach. Why? Because you know
she knows you have sex on your brain. You have no other reason to approach
her. Thats STALE. Now if you smiled and said hello in the first 3 seconds
of seeing her, then you can immediately start chatting. Its natural this

>I didn't want to bother her too much while she was at work

BS excuse. If you don't BOTHER her, some other guy WILL - he'll BOTHER her
pussy while you are at home bothering your HAND.

NEVER EVER EVER give a business card to a girl. Its impersonal and ALL the
guys do it. She wont call. She throws it out. You cant just give a #
expecting to get a call back. Thats absurd man. Write on a piece of paper
and that is more personal. But still, you have to get HER #. Consider
since you had the time crunch of a few seconds, "Have you ever been to The
Acme Coffee Pub on Main St? Well, I'd like to meet you there sometime.
Away from work ... I'll be hanging there with friends tonight. Drop on by.

You BLEW it. You copped out HOPING this lame easy way out would work. She
didnt call because you werent original, humorous, you didnt connect, you
werent fun and playful, you didnt INTEREST her, you didnt spark off her
curiosity. You then made her feel UNCOMFORTABLE when you came back. Its
easier for her to ignore you than to go out with someone who isnt cool
enough to meet me properly. It was a big lamo attempt. Sorry man, Ive done
shit like this in my younger years too. It doesnt work. You could have
simply invited her to another place where her friends and your friends could
mingle. Ask her, "I plan on going out tonight, what with it being Friday.
Whats a happening place?" When she tells you say, "I'd like to meet you
there - you can buy me a drink." She'll say something shitty like, "I'll
buy YOU a drink?" And you say, "Yes - if I bought YOU a drink, that would
be bigtime stereotypically lame. You arent attracted to stereotypical guys
... are you?. Its cool to have a girl buy a guy a drink. So thats our plan
tonight. Is there a pool table? OK, You buy me a drink and I'll take care
of the pool table. Fair? Ill see you there ... and I wont let you win and
be easy on you with our game of pool! Bye :)"

You don't have TIME to be nervous. Most
girls will not remember you. But the ones who do will really REALLY
remember you. Know what I mean, jelly bean?

And this means you are like MOST guys on the planet - you must settle for
the low quality lonely girls. Good for you. Enjoy your choice.

Ah forget it man, you are too chicken to
be a player if you keep talking shit like this. Blah blah excuse excuse.
Just fucking go and do it for a week. You cant though can you? You have no
clue what will be learned from it. Just do it already.

Example: girl is there. shes only a 7. walk up and say, "Hi. Did you
know Elvis prestley dyed his hair? what was his original hair color?
Guess? Nope, blond. Isnt that odd? Pleasure meeting you." Leave. Don't
be a goof and over animate yourself. Be natural and fun and in a good mood.

Now, do that to EVERY girl you can. Ugly or not. You will meet many girls,
and get over your intro fear. Well actually, you wont ever get OVER it, but
you will learn to PRETEND you don't have it.

reaction when I approach her is to try to figure out the reason that I'm
approaching her.

Yep. And when she cant figure out why you are talking to her because you
arent hitting on her, she will find this intriguing. I KNOW :)

Yes thats true. And when you leave without having hit on her, she will feel
insecure. Maybe she's not attractive to you. She will try harder now. She
knows you are funny and playful and confident but you didnt hit on her.
Confusing for her. You arent like all the others. You have a mystery about
you. Forget it man. Be lonely.

NOPE. You don't need a purpose. Your only purpose was to talk about Elvis.
"Why did he do THAT?" Mysterious but playful.

1) Determine how to contact her, or let her know how to contact me
2) Establish in her an interest in getting to know me further

Not yet. Work on #2, fuck #1 for now. If you cant do the Elvis script
successfully, you certainly wont be able to traverse the difficult road of
the CLOSE effectively. Boy you need help.

>As said by one of the 20th centuries greatest philosophers...

"Think left and think right
and think low and think high.
Oh, the THINKS you can think up
if only you try!"
-Ted Seuss-

. Its easy to stay home. Its more difficult to move forward and

If you rented a lesbian movie and your mom found it in your car, what =
you say to her? Would you say it was a friends or would you be honest =
tell the truth?

subject: Re: sex magnet poem


Have you ever been fascinated
by someone who's words just seemed to

and you can't look away
and the more that you try
the more that GAZE STAYS

where you want it to be
cause you know that there's something
you just have to see

what would it feel like

A spell, mmm so magic
being spun by the sound
of a voice whose rich warmth
was spreading on down

Have you ever experienced
To the point where your thoughts moved in
Just one direction?

People sometimes ask,
"Please...just a kiss!"
Funny how you find yourself

Your mind is amazing
when you really

As the warmth of that voice
takes on a glow
Spreading and pulsing
where you want it to go

I will tell you all you desire...

ME...I know.

You step out of what was
Invited, slipped inside
Feels like warm rain
Between your sighs

And it's not important
that you find
every inhibition
is left far behind

As you recall how it feels
And you SEE THAT IMAGE of us
(point to it)
Up above

You see at last
who you've finally found
what you've looked for
and longed for
has finally COME round

This poem got me laid last weekend.

Compliments: never give a direct anatomical compliment that you believe has
been said to that person before. Eg: if the girl is obviously beautiful, do
not say "You're so beautiful." Instead, say "You have such an expressive
personality .. that's a valuable thing in the entertainment industry. There
are a million women who are beautiful, christ, I just came back from
Florida, but how many do you think have an outgoing personality like
yourself? I'm telling you, that's a very attractive quality and a valuable

Its like JIMMY calling science a religion. Its merely an irrational
ignorant conclusion. But then, so is JIMMY. Honest guys, just drop it
already. It bores me to waste time reading your posts about him and what he
said. Its like talking to a frog. The frog doesnt understand you. it just
makes noise. KILL FILE him and we can safely move onto the things I want to
talk about.

Like this:

Establish eye contact. Say hi ... make it sound sincere. Don't make it
seem like you are trying to pick them up. "Hi there!" is wrong. They will
in fact question in their minds why you are talking to them ... you may
later on tell them

If other people are present, you must get them to like you first before you
may show your intentions to the one you want. If one is her brother, he
must like you enough to not become an obstacle. If he thinks you're an
asshole, win him over first.

Close - give something personal - a necklace or bracelet.

Don't use pick-up lines. Don't use anything obvious to your intentions.
Don't buy a girl a beer. Don't buy a girl a flower. In fact, don't think
about picking her up; rather think about attracting her.

What attracts a person to another?
The person is interesting. There are 2 types of interesting people: good
interesting and bad interesting. If you meet a girl and start giving knock
knock jokes, that would seem interesting but in a ... "this guy is fun, but
lame" way.

Be entertaining - that is interesting. People want to hang with others
because that person feels good around you.

The second day
Most people believe that calling a girl the next day is too needy. I don't
think so. Never ask them out on a date though. Movies and the like are
out. Videos are too soon.

The more pretty the girl, the more she has been hit on. The more likely she
is already taken and is only flirting. They can knock you down more quickly
because they've had practice. However, the more practice you get at talking
to pretty girls, the easier it will be to NEG HIT them. NEG HITS are LOVED
by 10s!

In each case of my getting laid, I first intro'd, then entertained with out
obviously showing my intentions to seduce. I merely talked. You have to go
through this too. So perfect the INTRO first. Do it withOUT looking like
you are hittin gon them. START there!

a woman will assume you want to have sex - you must confuse them into
thinking that you actually don't care about that. That is in fact a
difficult thing to do.

a woman must be reached at an intellectual level first and foremost.

I have a boyfriend
if you think your boyfriend would feel threatened by your meeting new people
maybe we shouldn't bother getting to know eachother.

good luck in your relationship

The close

only close when they are attracted to you. do not close until you have a
pretty good certainty that they are (see body language).

once you know they are attracted, you MUST close or lose!

· this was good
· so when are we going to get together again? I'm going to be performing at
a club on the weekend, are you free on fri or sat?
· esp joke
· give necklace
· i want to see you again
· you want to see me again
· lets get together again
· i like you
· what's your #? (Have pencil ready)
· i want your #

document my pick-ups - borrow ricks tape recorder


"may i call you sally? you can call me mr. poo-pee pants." - great is the
girl is a 10!

"if i follow you home, will you keep me?"

"so how do you like me so far?"

"the voices in my head told me to come talk to you."

"would you like to kiss me or should i apologize?"

"hello suzy, your mommy couldnt make it this afternoon. she asked me to
pick you up and take you home. my thats a pretty dress. would you like
some candy?"

"Ive never driven a cadillac ... whats your name?" - too sexual for an

"you have an interesting figure." - good if the babe is a 10!

"shh! people can see us!"

"you drank too much last night didnt you?"

waiting for the subway - "dont fall onto the tracks - youll make me late for

subject: Friends and Lovers

When I meet up with a friend I know well, I am not nervous. Girl or guy,
they are my buddy or friend and I feel at ease. Think about how you feel
and how you act. Ever leave one friend and goto another and you still feel
at ease? You just start talking about stuff, "Hey whats up? I just got
back from the gym ... get this, there was this guy there who had no freaking
neck! You should have seen how he .... " and off Im yakking. Its no big
deal. Well, I noticed that when I had 3 girlfriends (yes I cheated - sue
me) I would yak with one then leave and meet another and then later goto the
other. It was just matter of fact and I treated them all the same. In
fact, sometimes it would get confusing because I would hear a story about a
friend from one and later recall that the story came from the wrong
girlfriend. Oops, shit happens. Well, thing is, I would treat the girls
like they were the SAME girl. Just different face. "I" was still the same.
Over time I noticed that when I treated strangers this way and just treated
them like I knew them all my life and didnt hit on them or have any visible
motives, I would connect more quickly.

So, suggestion: walk up to strangers and behave in your mind as IF you know
them. Just start talking to stangers abou twhats on your mind. I do this
and it really helps.

(about SS)
Dont treat it as a joke but rather as a playful fun thing. Also, dont treat
it like a serious non smiling seduction. Its fun to play this role. Show
that you are enjoying this role. She will too. You have to see someone in
action. This entire seduction thing is for only those willing to get
attention and be fun and bold. Here you are already showing MOUNDS of
insecurity. "What if I look like a fool?" Blah blah, a ladies-man would
NEVER care about that.

I perform in my own 45 minute lecture about rational beliefs. I am a
scientist and my background is in Cosmology. I discuss interesting ideas in
my lecture that few people think about. I entertain and educate. Thats me.

><----And that's another point: many of the skills he has developed are
skills that babes value. It shows that if you make yourself appealing to
women and don't waste time in pursuit that you'll go far, but I wonder
how relevant this is. One thing I can say is that the "negative hit"
concept is going to die a quick death once the women's magazines get a
hold of it.

I doubt it. The NEG HIT is about showing a girl that you do not appreciate
being stepped on. Thats it. Its not about calling a girl an asshole. Its
abou tnot allowing her to treat YOU like one.

And all I have to do to get them is be playful, fun, have a
good smile, make them laugh, allow them to feel connected to me, dont let
them shit on me and then we get to mutually pleasure eachother. The entire
PROCESS is fun. The catch is great fun. If it wasnt I would just have one
girl and marry her (marriage is a religious thing and not natural though -
bad example) and fuck her only. Thing is, I want TWO women. And then Ill

Me---A Pickup Artist( almost)

I swear to you as I was reading this I thought that maybe somebody took one
of my posts and just changed it around a bit. You are TRULY a pick-up
artist. How do I know? Because you say you are a student to this. Im in
the same boat. I wish to get better, increase my odds. The hardest part I
find so far for me is literally FINDING the girls. Then I can approach
nearly EVERY situation (although I would like more tools for entry) and make
them become attracted to me. I have NOT yet internalized SS stuff and I
feel this stuff will increase my probabilities. I LOVE women. I especially
love the adventure and the companionship. I love being in a strage girls
apartment as she bathes me. She takes care of me and I feel like a KING.
And when I leave, I goto another girls place and get the same great
treatment all over again. Mmmmm, I love back scratchings. And blow jobs in
the tub. Its so clean and the girls smell so good. You could feel lonely
and you decide to go out and within 2 hours, your live CHANGES. You meet a
girl and she is attracted to you. And she's hot. And you are at her house
listening to new music and eating new foods and exploring a new life.
AWESOME adventures. They have issues you can listen to and learn from. Its
a great big soap opera and you are the star.

If you wish them to leave you, thats not hard. Just tell them you are
interested in seeing other girls and you plan to. Thats that. If she stays
(which has happened before) than you get to have your cake and eat it too.
Otherwise she leaves as a friend. If she wishes to dump you first for
whatever reason, let her. Relationships are not supposed to be permanent
(contrary to popular western religious myth - as in marriage myth). If she
cheats on you, conceide defeat and move on before it gets to you. Have
self-respect. Or try this: meet the guy. Become his good friend. Then
find out his health issues and share her with him. (Not at the same time
unless you are into that). In return, you have the right to go with other
girls if she is seeing this guy. Hey, he's your buddy anyway. Its all good
right? The one on one fantasy is just that ... an unrealistic fantasy - it
constricts our natural polygamist tendencies. The only responsibility to
deal with is health issues. Research the partners and its all good then.
If my girl wanted to have another boyfriend on the side, who am I to say she
can't. If I care about her, I would want her to live her life on HER terms.
As I do mine.

In the elvis script, you can continue
with some completely other chat thread. Also, its not asking directions.
Girls KNOW that is a possible LINE. They are cautious and you havent
disarmed them. The elvis thing does that ... DISARM the 'hes hitting on me'

Her genes are selfish and wish to
replicate with the help of the best male sperm. Show you are the best by
acting like you get LOTS of girls. Not by SAYING this (you could be lying)
but by behaving as IF you get them ... act normal around beautiful girls and
this will indicate your being used to being around them.

Hey man, we ALL have it. Its the one's who HIDE it the best that get the
most ladies. And this then in returns helps to build our security. Its
nice to have 3 girlfriends. Feels so good inside.

, "You're too tall." I said, "You're too short
but Im willing to overlook your flaws." I smirked at her and she said, "ok
ok. we're even :)" You get RESPECT when you neg hit her. Particularly

nails, are they real?" "um no." "oh, well they're still nice." See? Im

EG: thats nice hair ... is that a
hair piece?" Say this sincerely and she wont be ANGERED, she'll just
answer. If you know it is, even better. She will have to say yes and you
will have her thinking about her self.

EG: a girl is there and she says a joke and she laughs. I sorta say, "thats
good" and then turn away. I let her just cook there. She wants me to turn
around but she doesnt know it I find her interesting enough to turn back.
Then I finally do and man thats a hot NEG HIT.

Try rock climbing, paintball, skydiving (havent done that yet myself
though - expensive), performing infront of others, act in a play, anything
like that will help you to get good with women. The fear must be
CONTROLLED. It will NOT go away.

cause EVERY other
guy and his father does that to her. She wants a REAL man.

Yes, NEG HITTING is internally difficult to do when all you want to say is,
"Oh God, please like me. Hug me! Paaaleeease! Dont reject me! I will be
a good boy." They dont want to hear that though. Why? 'cause EVERY other
guy and his father does that to her. She wants a REAL man.

Think back now. Answer this question honestly ... did you smile? Most guys
forget this simple rule. ALWAYS SMILE. ALWAYS!!! I bet you didnt. By
smiling you seem playful, approachable and not nervous. When you talk about
anything but sex or the fact that you are talking to her, that hides it too.
Never say, "boy am I nervous." Say, "Do I need a haircut?" See the

>Anyways, like I said, I was just sort of stunned afterwards, but I was
finding myself laughing out loud. It really was so sad that it was funny.

Hey man, I must have went through literally a couple HUNDRED bad entries.
This is only your first. thing is, you cannot learn by talking. This is
like driving a car. there is only so much you can learn by reading the
manual. Then you have to INTERNALIZE the techniques. You have nothing more
you can learn until you consistantly get out there and fail over and over
again. Having come full circle myself, I can safely tell you that its worth
it man. Every bit. You fail with 50 girls and suddenly you wont give a shit
anymore. Youll just go (3 second rule) shoot the shit and next thing you
know, they want your #. This honestly WILL happen. Just decide to focus on
this area in your life and notice HOW important this skill is to you for the
future. If you can pick up girls, you can do ANYTHING. It helps with
getting a job, with everthing.

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